How Our Mounts Work

The Magnetic Link couples our patented interface featuring a set of locking gear teeth with our accessories mirroring the same. The proprietary teeth create a solid, simple and secure bond with magnets inside of the Link and accessories. Using the latest Adhesive (tested and proven) sourced from 3M, the Link will adhere to most surfaces you would like to mount.



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Key Features

When (and before) you receive the Magnetic Mount of the future, you are going to want some idea of what you can expect. Below you will find some points on why this is the only Magnetic Mount you will ever use again.

Proprietary Interface

Magnetic Mount is protected by a couple patents issued by the USPTO.

User Friendly

Our Magnetic Mounts are simple (yet effective) in design and customizable.

Connect with People

With our customizing, connect and show off your design to the audience.


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Leading Edge Bicycle Mounts

Compliment a soothing ride with the Handlebar, and Stem Mount.

The Best Device Mount For Cars

This will be the only Magnetic dash or windshield mount you’ll use again.

Get Them For The Office

Customize mounts with your logo and get special bulk pricing.

The Home Of The Future

Updating your home? This Magnetic Mount is elegant, unique and secure.

Quick Installation

We include a template and surface prep materials for applying your new Magnetic Link to objects you would like to mount. Also, if you would like to have an audio-visual guide for using our mounts, we have posted videos on YouTube for easy access. Click the button for all tutorials.

Active Online Community

We are always doing our best to accommodate the needs of individuals using our mounts or want to use our mounts. You will be able to have a live chat via the chatbox during business hours, send us a message via the Contact Us page and connects with the community in the forums.



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No. Magnetic™ Technology will not affect any smartphone or tablet in a negative way.
No. Our products are simple yet secure and limit moving parts.
1.5″ dia x 0.145″ thick / 38.1 mm x 3.683 mm
1.5″ dia x 0.37″ thick / 38.1 mm x 9.398 mm

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